Crocodile Stitch: DIY Crochet Wall Art

wall art


The crocodile stitch is a three dimensional stitch that is used with a variety of fibers to create blankets, hats, shoes, and more! Because of the cool design that it makes, I wanted to incorporate it into my current quest of making wall art (although I may just lean it next to my basket by the Keurig as a neat decoration).

2015-02-21 15.12.43 This stitch is great with multi-colored yarn or a solid color, so it can easily match everything while still standing out.

Wall art


The following explains how to crochet the crocodile stitch and how I used to make my new decoration!


What you need:

  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 8″x8″ Shadow Box Frame
  • yarn in color of choice (I used Lily Sugar and Cream Key Lime Pie, link here)

Abbreviations used:

  • ch- chain
  • sl st- slip stitch
  • dc- double crochet
  • st- stitch

The crocodile stitch works best with a foundation stitch of 10+1. The shadow box is an 8”x8”, but I chained enough to allow the outer crocodiles to fold in a bit on the sides so that it will stay in place.  I have included my own photo tutorial below. I would definitely recommend the crocodile stitch tutorial from Moogly Blog, as she has a video and pictures, so it is worth looking at if you are having a lot of trouble.

  1. Ch 41
  2. Dc in 6th chain from the hook. Dc again in same st. *Ch 1, skip 2 st, dc in next st. Ch 1, skip 2 st, dc twice in next st. Continue from * to end of chain. wall art
  3. Ch 1 and turn. Skip the first single dc. Working into the first pair of dc sts, make 5 dc sts around the post of of the first dc of the pair. Work from top to bottom down to the foundation chain.wall art
  4. Make 5 dcs around the next dc st of the pair, working from the bottom of the post to the top. Congratulations, your first scale is made! crocodile stitch
  5. Sl st into the next single dc. Make a scale in the next pair of dc sts. Continue in this manner until the end of the row. 20150220_193007 wall art
  6. Ch 1. Sl st in the center of the last scale made. Ch 4 ( this counts as the first double crochet and ch 1). *Work 2 dc into the sl st between the 2 scales.  Ch 1. Dc into center of scale. Repeat from * to end of row. crocodile stitch
  7. Ch 1. Work a scale into the first pair of dc sts, dc into sl st space between the crocodile scales. Continue until the end of the row. wall art
  8. Ch 3. Dc into same st. This will be the first pair of dc stitches for the scale later. Ch 1 and dc into middle of first scale. Continue making pairs of dc stitches and single dc stitches in-between the scales until the end of the row. Once you reach the end, make 2 dcs into the far right of the last scalewall art

It should be easy to see the pattern and how to make the scales overlap from row to row. Continue crocheting until the work is about 8″ long (for me, this was 10 rows of scales). Fasten off and weave in ends. 20150221_135805

Place it into your shadow box frame, and you’re done!

wall art

There are other ways to do the crocodile stitch, so check out some YouTube videos if this particular way seems too complicated or is not working for you. Personally, I have tried several videos and tutorials, and this by far is the easiest way I have discovered how to make the scales. Did you make your own wall art? I would love to know if this worked out for you!

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