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I love the chevron pattern look, but anytime I tried to find something chevron for my iPad, it was ridiculous expensive. So I decided to make a crochet iPad case, and if I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty knifty.crochet

I have the original size iPad (7.25″x9″), so those are the dimensions I worked with for this pattern. If you have an iPad mini or another tablet that is smaller in size, I have indicated below areas to decrease to make the overall dimensions smaller.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Gauge: 25 stitches is one peak= 4 inches.


  • ch- chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • st- stitch
  • sl st- slip stitch

Supplies Needed:

  • RedHeart SuperSaver Yarn in Red and Black (need approximately one third skein of each)
  • 5.5mm crochet hook (or whatever hook is needed to obtain gauge)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Black Thread
  • Sewing Machine or thread needle
  • A very cool 1″ diameter black button
  • Optional: A bit of black felt or black silk. I am always terrified that my iPad will get scratched, so I lined the inside of mine with black silk. This also gives the case a more professional appearance.

Note: This chevron iPad case design is made with multiples of 25+1 (example: 3 peaks is 25×3=75+1= 76 foundation stitches). If you want the same number of peaks but a smaller width, remove foundation chains from each peak in multiples of 5.


Ch. 51, turn.

With Red: Skip 1st st, Sc in next 11 sts. 3 sc in next st. Sc in next 11 sts. Skip next 2 st.  Sc in next 11 sts, 3 sc in next st. Sc in next 11 st. There should now only be 2 st left. Skip 1 ch, Sc in last chain. Ch. 1 and turn.

That is all there is to it! Continue for 5 more rows (6 total rows of Red). Change colors, and make 6 rows of Black.

Continue until total length is 72 rows, or 12 Blocks of Red and Black (6 red, 6 black). The last block of color should be black if the beginning color was red.

Some tips:

  1. When making a new row, it may seem like you need to increase stitches each time to keep aligned with the peaks. This is not the case, however. After single crocheting 11 stitches, the 3 sc increase will be worked into the first of the 3 single crochets in the row being worked into.
  2. If you want to make a real button hole (I took advantage of the sk 2 spaces that were already there) then I suggest looking at this article on how to make them. This will need to be done during the first 2 rows of the first black chevron block.
  3. If unsure about how to change colors, I highly recommend watching YouTube videos. They are all pretty informative, and you can decide which method fits your preference. crochet

Forming a flat edge:

Now that the bulk part of the chevron iPad case is finished, one end needs to be straight across. (The flap could technically be straight as well, but the jagged look is so cool. It also takes away from the chevron look and the flap blending in with the body)


In the open triangle spaces with black yarn: Crochet this tightly or with a smaller size hook! Otherwise it will be a little warped and bow out.

Starting on the right edge, sc in each st to the inside corner.

Sl st to join left edge.

Sc along row you just made to 2nd to last stitch, skip 1, sc 1, CH 1 and turn.

Skip 1 stitch, then sc into 2nd stitch and continue to end of row.

Sl st into the left side of row.

Continue in this manner until the triangle is filled.

Do the same thing for the other open triangle space.

Stitching the case edging together:

Wait! Before you do this, measure the dimensions of your case so that you can add felt or silk to the inside.

This case is simply stitched together with a whip stitch. I did this with black yarn to make the whip stitch less noticeable. Make sure that the case is about 20″ in height, with the remaining as the fold/flap. Don’t know how to whip stitch? This tutorial by Crochet Spot is pretty good (click here).

Adding the button:

Lucky for us, we had to skip 2 chains in the decreased part of the triangle,  so that makes a great button hole!


Fold over the “flap” and sew a button into the middle of the chevron color block below it (if you are using the same colors, it should be a black color block)

Adding the felt/silk inside:

Cut a piece of fabric that will fit into the inside of the chevron iPad case pocket (for me, this was 7.75″x 20″. It is always good to have a bit of wiggle room.) Sew together by hand or with a sewing machine with a 1/4 inch overlay. Place it into the chevron pocket, and with black thread, stitch the pocket into place around the chevron iPad case pocket opening.

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