Review of Celeste Young’s Ripple Baby Blanket

Celeste Young

Celeste Young is a very talented crochet designer that created the free pattern for the blanket pictured here. Check out the link below to her Ravelry account to see all the other blankets that people have made from this awesome design!

If you do anything fiber art related, you absolutely must have a Ravelry account! Ravelry is a website that is basically a master database of patterns that are free and for sell, plus people sell yarn and all sorts of other knifty stuff there.

I came across Celeste Young’s Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket through a forum that I was reading. Not only is this blanket free, this blanket is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. It’s so refreshing to see a blanket that is different from the norm: not only is it round, it is a 12 pointed star! This blanket is not only great for babies, but a larger scale of this would be great for adults as well. I made a baby blanket from this, but this pattern would also make a great rug if made with a dense yarn like cotton or hemp… plenty of inspiration here.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, and I was able to make a 37 inch diameter blanket in about 8 hours with a 4mm crochet hook. The blanket that I have made is pictured below. If you are looking for a great blanket pattern to impress, this one is surely one to consider! I love, love, this pattern, and I will be using it to make several gifts for people as the year continues.



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