3 Hour Easy Crochet Basket!

easy crochet basketKeep organization fun with baskets that have a personal touch! I whipped up this little beauty during a Harry Potter Marathon. It took approximately 1.5 Harry Potter Movies to make this, so this easy crochet basket should take about 3 hours. If you aren’t distracted by a movie, this probably will go a lot faster!

Final dimensions: 9 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall.

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Crochet Storage Basket Pattern


free patternBaskets are awesome regardless of the size. One of the best crochet gifts or projects is a crochet storage basket. There are hundreds of different ways to do this, so below is my version of the crochet storage basket pattern (and how to modify it to make the versions in the picture you see here!).

The most important things for a basket are:20150307_141158

  • Versatility
  • Durable- as in, can handle ANYTHING I put it in it
  • Looks amazing
  • Can be washed easily (let’s face it, stuff happens)

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