Knitting Abbreviations

Whether it is knitting or crochet, the pattern will most likely be written in symbols and short characters. If the pattern of choice did not come with a list of what the abbreviations mean, no worries! Here is a list of common knitting abbreviations. For crochet abbreviations, click here.

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Crochet Abbreviations

One of the scariest parts of reading a pattern is reading the crochet abbreviations…. Below are common abbreviations used and their meanings. Usually, a pattern includes a list of abbreviations at the beginning, but if not, here is a nifty list for reference!

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Shell Stitch: How to Crochet

how to shell stitch

So you’ve got down the basics to crochet- great! But how do I make my project look unique and different? One way to do this is with the crochet shell stitch, which is explained below (photo tutorial).

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