3 Hour Easy Crochet Basket!

easy crochet basketKeep organization fun with baskets that have a personal touch! I whipped up this little beauty during a Harry Potter Marathon. It took approximately 1.5 Harry Potter Movies to make this, so this easy crochet basket should take about 3 hours. If you aren’t distracted by a movie, this probably will go a lot faster!

Final dimensions: 9 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall.

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Review of Celeste Young’s Ripple Baby Blanket

Celeste Young

Celeste Young is a very talented crochet designer that created the free pattern for the blanket pictured here. Check out the link below to her Ravelry account to see all the other blankets that people have made from this awesome design!

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Baby Octopus Crochet Pattern

baby octopus crochet pattern

Baby Octopus Crochet Pattern

I have recently been working on a baby blanket for a customer, and I love when things match. Since I am not very good at making newborn hats, I thought a little plushie would be perfect! Below is the Baby Octopus Crochet Pattern, so you can try it out too! The feet alternate colors to match the blanket, and it is so puffy, it is sure to be a cute addition to any other stuffed animals they may have.

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Fire Crochet Dishcloth

free pattern Add some dimension to the kitchen with this Fire Crochet Dishcloth. I saw a commercial for the new Hunger Games movie this November, and I just had to make something in honor of it. This uses Lily Cotton Yarn, so it will be very absorbent. Because of the raised up “arrows” that lead up to each corner, this crochet dishcloth is sure to catch fire to all stains and dirt in its path! (note: This is a common type of design. This is simply my version of an amazing type of crochet, and is not an “original” crochet stitch that I created). Final dimensions of project are approximately 8″x8″.

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Crochet Storage Basket Pattern


free patternBaskets are awesome regardless of the size. One of the best crochet gifts or projects is a crochet storage basket. There are hundreds of different ways to do this, so below is my version of the crochet storage basket pattern (and how to modify it to make the versions in the picture you see here!).

The most important things for a basket are:20150307_141158

  • Versatility
  • Durable- as in, can handle ANYTHING I put it in it
  • Looks amazing
  • Can be washed easily (let’s face it, stuff happens)

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Crochet iPad Case: Chevron Pattern



I love the chevron pattern look, but anytime I tried to find something chevron for my iPad, it was ridiculous expensive. So I decided to make a crochet iPad case, and if I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty knifty.crochet

I have the original size iPad (7.25″x9″), so those are the dimensions I worked with for this pattern. If you have an iPad mini or another tablet that is smaller in size, I have indicated below areas to decrease to make the overall dimensions smaller.

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Crocodile Stitch: DIY Crochet Wall Art

wall art


The crocodile stitch is a three dimensional stitch that is used with a variety of fibers to create blankets, hats, shoes, and more! Because of the cool design that it makes, I wanted to incorporate it into my current quest of making wall art (although I may just lean it next to my basket by the Keurig as a neat decoration).

2015-02-21 15.12.43 This stitch is great with multi-colored yarn or a solid color, so it can easily match everything while still standing out.

Wall art


The following explains how to crochet the crocodile stitch and how I used to make my new decoration!


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Interlocking Crochet Scarf: Pattern


Interlocking Scarf from Pinterest link above

Have you heard of or seen an interlocking crochet scarf? It looks like chains held together, or kind of like little puzzle pieces. I was first introduced to it when scrolling through Pinterest…. Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

It looks pretty neat, and it seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a shot. Below is a photo and written tutorial on how you can make this!

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